How to Create a Google Play Console Account

Jorge Luis Castro Medina
3 min readApr 23, 2023


If you’re a mobile application developer, you probably want to publish your apps on Google’s Play Store. To do so, you’ll need to create a Google Play Console account. In this article, I’ll guide you through the process of creating a Google Play Console account so that you can publish your applications on the Play Store and reach millions of Android users.

Step 1: Open the Play Store Console page.

Once you’re on the Google Play Console homepage, you’ll need to sign in with a Google account. If you already have a Google account, simply enter your email address and password and click “Sign in.” If you don’t have a Google account, click “Create account” to create a new account.

Step 2: Provide basic details regarding your account.

You will be provided with a series of forms where you will be asked for basic information such as a description of your previous experience with the Play Store Console, account name, contact information, among others.

Step 3: Accept the terms and conditions.

Step 4: Payment data

You must provide the details of a valid credit card and proceed with the payment. At this point, you must take into account that you will be charged a single payment of 25 USD + Fee.

Once the payment has been successfully completed, you will be redirected to the Play Console dashboard.

Step 5: Verify the account

In order for you to publish apps on Google Play, we need to verify your identity. This process may take up to 2 business days.

You must provide images of a document that identifies you, in addition to other personal information such as your place of residence, among others.

You will have to wait for a maximum of 2 business days for them to validate your account, and with this, you will be ready to publish your first Android application.

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